About us

Just Houses is a new estate agency that combines the skills that only 30 years of experience in the property market and up to date technology can provide. We think that it is common ground that the current system of buying and selling houses is in need of major change and we believe that our innovative approach achieves just that.

By merging the function of an estate agent in marketing the property and the conveyancer in undertaking the legal work, we aim to not only cut costs (after all why pay twice?) but also improve the efficiency of the whole transaction. This means that your agent not only has the necessary details at the commencement of the transaction but also exercises control throughout, up to the point of legal completion.

Upon receiving instructions we ensure that not only is the property appropriately marketed but we also undertake a title check on the property to ensure that any areas of concern are properly identified and resolved. This should reduce any delays caused by the Buyers Solicitors raising such issues. We will also provide you with advice where it is needed on how best to present your property for sale by identifying any areas that could be improved and giving you the opportunity to make an informed decision on what improvements, if any, are required.

We can therefore provide you with proactive advice from the outset to enable you to present your property in the best possible light and thus improve your chances of obtaining an early sale to ensure that legal completion of the transaction is achieved without fuss and additional expense. We also have access to a number of experts with whom we have established relationships over the years who can be made available to you should you so wish such as financial advisers, building contractors and EPC companies, to ensure that your selling experience is made as trouble free as possible.

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